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【学术报告通知】On the symplectic convexity of toric domains

报告题目: On the symplectic convexity of toric domains

报告人:唐修棣 (北京理工大学)

时间4月19日周五上午 9:00-11:00        地点:理科楼404

摘要:A domain is symplectically convex if it is symplectomorphic to a convex subset of the euclidean space. This is a key concept in the Viterbo conjecture on symplectic capacities. Many efforts have been made to determine the symplectic convexity of certain subsets, especially toric domains. In two dimensions the question is trivial since every domain can be made convex by the normalized curve-shortening flow, which is a hamiltonian flow, and is hence symplectically convex. We hope mean curvature flow can help in higher dimensions.