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Tittle: Introduction to microlocal analysis

Speaker: Thomas Alazard(ENS-Paris-Saclay)  

Thomas Alazard is Senior Researcher at CNRS andProfessor at ENS Paris-Saclay. He is also the Chancellor's Professor at UC Berkeley。

Abstract:  This course is a self-contained introduction to microlocal analysis, a branch of modern analysis used today in many fields, from the study of partial differential equations to dynamical systems.

The main goal is to give complete proofs of a selection of major theorems: in particular the continuity of pseudodifferential operators on Sobolev spaces, the symbolic calculus, and the proof of Hörmander's theorem on the propagation of singularities. I will recall some necessary results in functional analysis and harmonic analysis. Fully detailed lecture notes will be provided to save students from taking notes, as well as many exercises for students who would like to test their understanding of the theory by practice.

Dates: 4:00-6:00pm; 7/5(Monday),  7/7(Wednesday), 7/14(Wednesday), 7/16(Friday), 7/19(Monday), 7/21(Wednesday), 7/23(Friday), 7/26(Monday),  7/28(Wednesday), 7/30(Friday).

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BTW, for the first day, it would be nice that students come 15 minutes in advance  (in case there are some problems to connect to the meeting).