Discrete Integrable Equations in 3D

报告题目:Discrete Integrable Equations in 3D

报告人:Prof. V. Novikov (University of Loughborough, UK)

时间:2017411日(星期二)16:00 -- 17:00


摘要:We propose a novel approach to the classification of integrable differential/difference as well as fully discrete equations in 3D based on the requirement that  hydrodynamic reductions of the corresponding dispersionless limit are `inherited’ by the full dispersive equation. 

The only constraint of the method is that the initial ansatz possesses a non-degenerate dispersion less limit (this is the case for all known Hirota-type equations). Based on the method of deformations of hydrodynamic reductions, we classify 3D integrable Hirota type equations within various particularly interesting subclasses.