Control of Water Waves on Torus


题目Control of Water Waves on Torus


报告人: Hui ZHU (朱晖),  Universite Paris-Sud, Universite Paris-Saclay


时间地点: 2017323(周四)下午4:00--5:00, 数学楼A304.


摘要: We prove exact controllability for water waves on flat torus of arbitrary dimension, within any small positive time and for sufficiently small initial and final data, by an exterior pressure applied only above a subdomain of the torus, given that this subdomain satisfies a geometric control condition. The proof follows the iterative scheme of T. Alazard, P. Baldi and D. Han-Kwan's on dimension one, which reduces the controllability of the original quasi-linear equation to that of a linearized one. As known, the controllability of a linear equation is equivalent to the observability inequality of its dual equation through the classical Hilbert uniqueness method by J.-L. Lions, and can be proven by G. Lebeau's approach which studies the propagation of the semiclassical defect measures.


报告人简介: 朱晖是我系2010级学生,现在法国留学, 目前研究水波方程的控制问题。


联系人: 卢旭光